12 Questions with Mónica Tablas, designer of the bikini brand CocoFlamingo

Monica traveled throughout Mexico in search of inspiration to make these beautiful bikinis full of color.

1.- Tell us a little about yourself, how do you describe yourself?

I am a very active, creative, dreamy and persistent person.

2.- Where did your passion for fashion come from and since when?

Since I was little, like all girls, I loved making dresses for all my dolls, and that's how I grew up wishing I could land all the ideas that I had in my head. It was in high school that I decided to study a career in fashion design.

3.- What is the most exciting thing about creating each collection and how do you carry it out?

Finding an inspiration theme for the creation of the moodboard, it's a lot of fun! Once the ideas are landed, and the patterns are designed it is the most exciting thing! And from there we start to illustrate the sketches on paper, it is the longest step since the final details will be key for the collection to look as imagined, but nothing will be bought when you see the complete collection come true.

4.- Where did the idea for "Coco Flamingo" come from?

I wanted a name that was in Spanish and also had something to do with tropical life, the flamingo is my favorite bird because of its pink color and its peculiar shape, and the coconut is a characteristic element of the beach, with many properties and benefits , something extremely natural. And that's how I thought they made a perfect match.

5.- How did the brand start?

At the end of my career in fashion design, I had to make a clothing collection in order to graduate, and as a lover of the heat and the beach, I decided to make it into swimsuits, it was very successful, because without thinking the people who attended the catwalk He wanted to buy the pieces at that time and so little by little I was creating small collections, until establishing it as a lifestyle and a formal business.

6.- Is it a 100% Mexican brand?

If it is a 100% Mexican brand, since we create the patterns, the molds and the sewing.

7.- How do you feel seeing all the growth that Coco Flamingo has been having?

I am very proud of what we have achieved, everything has been little or a lot thanks to the effort we have put into this project that starts from scratch, with a dream that I never thought would come true so soon. It is very gratifying to know that every effort has its reward.

8.- How do you support Mexican design?

Whenever I see products that can serve me and I like, I buy them, and I also recommend to friends and family. I try to buy and consume as much as possible in local businesses rather than in franchises, or super large stores, I look for small producers and I share the action with other people so that they can support as well.

9.- What inspires you to create the designs?

I am inspired by books and magazines, travel photographs and videos of the places that I like the most and have wanted to visit.

10.-¿Cuáles son las difilcutades de una mujer emprendedora?

In my experience, the most difficult thing is having to do everything yourself, since at the beginning you are a complete designer, you have to be the administrator, the designer, the one who sews and cuts, the sales person, etc ... And for doing everything you neglect certain areas, of which you are not that expert, for example you are very good at making your product, but you never learned how to sell it well.

Also like everything, you must be super cautious and a good administrator, so that in the low seasons you can get ahead.

11.- How do you keep promoting the brand?

We want to keep our clients, always giving them a good product and excellent service, we also seek to reach more and more new people, make them part of the brand and feel identified. We improve the care and quality of swimwear, looking for new materials, shapes and accessories that make our designs unique.

12.- What advice would you give to someone who wants to create their own brand but doesn't feel determined yet?

Being an entrepreneur is incredible, because you go as far as you want, never give up and believe in yourself, if it is what you really want, fight for it, let no one tell you that you cannot, because dreams do come true.